We know it is not just about creating grass that look the part, the grass surface also has to suit the environment and its uses - whether it be for a sport surface or to complement landscaped gardens in a home.

Urban Turf Solutions have a dedicated team of industry experts who have worked with the best in the industry to create the most real to life, hardwearing grass surfaces available.

The production process for our surfaces involves four main phases:

1. Design / Concept

Our team consults with Landscape Artists to create the look and texture that is required for a new grass surface. This initial idea is then drawn up by our design team using specialised software to create the design concept for the new surface. We have over 40 different turf surfaces in our portfolio, ranging from those suitable for indoor sports courts, outdoor cricket pitches, tennis courts, multisport surfaces, to those designed specifically for use within residential landscaping.

2. Sourcing / Materials

The design team then engages top raw material suppliers from all around the world to create yarns and backings for the turf surfaces to ensure maximum life span of the turf. Not all surfaces are designed for the same uses, and our team has sourced a variety of yarns from around the world to ensure our turf can handle the harshest of wear.

The yarns used all differ and include fibrillated yarns which can allow for greater stability, monofilament yarns that create a deeper colour and more textured feel and the fusion yarns that provide the benefits of both.

We source the highest quality yarns to ensure that our surfaces are real-to-life, hardwearing and built to last.

3. Production

Once the raw materials are selected, the turf is manufactured on three state of the art machines located at the Urban Turf Solutions factory. The UV resistant yarns are stitched in a tufting motion similar to how carpet is created before the two strengthening backings are applied at high temperatures to ensure maximum strength and water resistance. Orders are then shipped directly from the factory for installation by qualified Landscape Artists.

4. Installation

We always recommend installation by those experienced in the laying of quality turf surfaces, which is why we have a network of Landscape Artists that we can put you in touch with to ensure the turf is installed correctly ensuring maximum lifespan and wear.